Conditional Sentences

Nih soal-soal conditional sentences ketika aku di kelas XI…



I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses!

1. I shouldn’t drink that wine if I (be) you.
2. Ask your mother if you (not believe) what I say.
3. If you (be) here last week, you (see) my garden at its best.
4. I (type) the letter myself if I had a typewriter.
5. If I see him, I (give) him a lift.
6. I (visit) you if I had known that you were in hospital.

II. Give the facts to the following conditional sentences!

1. If you slept under a mosquito net, you would not be stung so often.
The fact that ….
2. You would have got a seat if you had arrived ten minutes earlier.
The fact that ….
3. If I had tried again, I think that I would have succeeded.
The fact that ….
4. I would give the address to you if I knew it.
The fact that ….
5. If he were in, he would answer the phone.
The fact that ….
6. I shouldn’t have taken your umbrella if I had known that it was the only one you had.
The fact that ….

III. Finish these sentences, taking care to use the correct tenses!

1. If you eat a lot, you ….
2. I’d have brought my coat, if ….
3. If the storm becomes worse, …


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