Ein neu mir! Meine Erklärung

Ya, this is a new me. Not super me yet, just a regular myself had been progressed (not changed).
Today, I will proudly declare it on my age Twenty and 4 Days.

I have learned a thing that addicting myself now.
I called it ‘The art of connectivity’.

How come?
How could Zaidil Firza that always quite, shy, and introvert can love the connectivity?
How he communicate the idea of connectivity?

I dunno yet, but I still learn for the public speaking and etc. for support my crazy ideas that wanna connect anything.

Okay I will tell you, I have changed my point of view because of this quotation :

“A human being should be able to all things. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert A. Heinlein

In one side I disagree, many people say it loudly, ‘There are no experts if you able to all things.”
Yeah, it will, but I see in another view that ‘A human being’ have many chance and opportunity to able to all things, it depends on their self.

And I focused thinking about the ‘specialization’ or usual called by ‘experts on specific field’.
And so many case that we found that any fragmentation and gaps between one field to the others. There are lack of connectivity between of them. They are walking in their specific way, not walk together. Politics ride their role for fulfill the goal, Economics walks on their supplies and demands, Environmentalism walks on their ecological thinking, Social runs for the people welfare, etc.

Now, I just wish willing to being a connectivity artist between them.

Okay, from now I stopped say wish, and start to say will. 🙂
With my forestry background, from today I commit to make any relationship from another fields, Nanotechnology, Economics, Social, or anything, and make it all connected.

With pleasure, I will sacrifice myself for make it true. Connect it in a unity.


Zaidil Firza



Here are a simply note that I attach.

History of Me and my interests :

Junior High School – Senior High School = 2004 – 2009
I love all about computerization; programming with C++, VB, Macromedia Flash, HTML, designing, cryptography, security (hack, crack, deface)

But, after I watch Battle Programmer Shirase, in one of the episodes, they tell me how the computer things connected to the Forest Management, it called as ‘hacking the database of allowance timber’s number’ that means make the illegal logging into the legal one. After this I love to learn about the information system (still on IT field).
And another moment, I am being a fan of Sequoia tree families. The largest and highest trees in the Earth now, but rarely place to visit them.
I have confused to decide what will I studying for my undergraduate level.
Because I had been accepted at two institutions in same time:

Information System at ITT Telkom or

Forest Resource Conservation at Universitas Gadjah Mada

But, according to the anime that said before, I choose the Forestry. That means, a new world that I will learn for.
Fortunately, I enjoy the journey with interest on Wildlife, especially Primates.
On my journey, I also try another field to learn, entrepreneurship school, writing class, until mobile game development.

Like a reunion (or you can called it nostalgia) with computer things,
I have found the Geographic Information System in my curriculum (exactly on 5th semester).
I am trapped on wonderful happiness in this time.
I see a holistic view from here, wider perspective to manage forest resource, included the wildlife.
From this view I start to being more brave, join some conference (youth, national, international) at my neighbor faculty, Geography. I ask two of my friends, Nanang and Giska to pour some forestry ideas on Geographical Method using GIS.
Yeah, what a shame, the other faculty is not same as another. So, we do many adaptation in the proceeding of our paper, be more open-minded and being a multi-discipline person. 🙂

And the other moment, I usually make any discussion about forest and environmental, and in one someday I got a new point that forgotten by me, Social Aspects. Thanks to my beloved sister, Letsu Vella Sundary that share me the reality of social aspects in forestry. 🙂
Because of your sharing, I found the roots of forestry problems is not attend suddenly, but it has a cyclic system between them. Politics, economics, social, environment, etc.

Yeah, it’s still like an impossible goal the other said, but I will try do my willingness. Whatever, whoever, wherever, whenever, and however. Just stop saying wish and try for me, it’s only will and do in my dictionary. 🙂

Thanks for all people that share anything to me, I’ll keep this spirit until I die. Please tell me if I forgot this declaration, correct me if I am wrong.

Danke schön.


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