Behind the great scenes, we found the great sad

Ijen Crater - Kawah Ijen Ijen Crater - Kawah Ijen A sulfur miner scale the weight of his mining Sulfur Souvenirs Tiny Being of Miners

Who? The sulfur miners of Ijen Crater, Indonesia

The Story

One of the best Ecotourism Parks. Great management and publication, nevertheless, deeply, we found something behind the great scenes. Yes, the safety of sulfur miners. Shouldering 70-90 kg of sulfurs (up-to 3 laps). Dependent for living, supplying the medicine/cosmetics factories, and processing it into souvenirs (up-to 1.32$/item). Unfortunately, they still have no awareness about the threat, barely mining all the day without using gas masks. Do the manager acts as if didn’t see? They’re being tiny (dwarf) and acute-respiratory-tract infected. Behind the great scenes wee found the great sad. 😦

Submitted to UCL’s ‘Living with Chronic Disease’ Photography Competition


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